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Dry Vacuuming
First step is to vacuum the dirt out with a high-powered imported European vacuum cleaner. The system of vacuuming helps to clean all invisible dust or debris. It exhaust dirt from each inner corner and end through the nozzles. It exhaust almost 90% of the dirt and dust.
Use of Chemicals
Second step is to use Environment friendly Bio-Degradable chemicals from the likes of –Amway, Johnson Diversery, TASKI etc. These chemicals are so natural and soft which cleans all the dirt, dust, spots and other contaminants etc without harming your products. We only use these high quality chemicals, which removes all oil, grease, stains etc.
Third step is scrubbing which is done manually through soft-bristled brushes and light hand for sofa & chair upholstery. For leather and wooden part of sofa & chair, we use and apply maintainer polish which gives long-lasting protection and shinning.
Fourth step is sprinkle and rinsing. Almost 90% of water is exhausted by the machines in this procedure. And after this step both sofa or chair gets dried up quickly, without harming your fabric and sponge. This technology helps to make your sofa and chair long-lasting and leaves the colour of the fabric more bright and blooming.
Special Leather Cleaning
Cleaners and Polishers provides a comprehensive Leather Cleaning Service for Sofa & Chair.. This is a safest method where a leather cleanser is applied to remove all soiling from the surface of the leather hide. Whole method of cleaning leather is done through light hand. The method cleans gently yet effectively. After cleaning we applied non-greasy leather polish on the product to further enhance the appearance and protect the leather from wear and tear and spills.
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